I will be sending distance healing tomorrow night at 9:30pm.- 10:30pm.

I am sending distance healing again to the hara lines for healing and clearing away all that no longer serves us and bringing light into our journey….to start the year fresh!! If you would like to be included,  message me or add your first name only and the city you live in on the facebook page or in the comment form below.

Janice Sending Distance Healing
If possible find a quiet place to sit or lay down. Close your eyes take a few deep relaxing breaths and connect with your heart center. Take a few more moments to clearly set your intentions, it may be for infinite peace, clarity, guidance, whatever you feel in your heart.

In energy healing the Hara Line holds and maintains our life purpose, why we have incarnated for this lifetime. Clear understanding of this purpose leads to productivity, fulfillment, and peace of mind in ones life. Energy blocks on this emotional body hara level obstructs our intentions and accomplishments and our awareness of this purpose. The emotions are central for healing on all levels.

The hara line chakras offer access to profound emotional healing. Gemstones that match the hara include tangerine quartz, Carnelian, fire opal, tangerine aura quartz, bronzite & cinnabar.

Sending Distance Healing