Wishing you and yours the very best for the New Year!

Burning Bowl Meditation – January 7, 2017

The Burning Bowl Meditation is the time to set our intentions for the New Year and leave behind that which does not serve any purpose in our life.

This will be a double meditation – one for releasing the old and one for bringing in the new.

Take a few moments over the next couple of days to write out your intentions for each on a piece of paper and bring them with you on Saturday!

Burning Bowl Meditation


Doors open @ 6:45

Cost: $12

Light refreshments will be served after.

Space is limited. Please reserve your spot below.
I happened upon a really inspiring blog post on Nothingbutjoy.com by Julie B. Genovese about her Burning Bowl of BS(Belief Systems) that I wanted to share.

I write out my BS fears and darkness, and find many fun ways to say GOODBYE (toodle-lou, peace out, so-long-sucka, take care panda bear etc,) which immediately makes me snicker!

burning bowl of BS

Lightheartedness, a sure sign of being in the moment, is THE place of powerful creation. As the BS burns, I take a picture to share with Suzi. Then I notice the note which had said, “Good riddance perfectionism and not being good enough,” had one word left in red – DANCE.

burning bowl ceremony

Let’s rumba!

So get out your crayons!!

Well done, Julie!!

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