Crystal Gridding Class

with Debi Ferguson, Crystal Reiki Master

Crystal gridding is the practice of laying out crystals in a specific pattern to focus and support the energy of specific crystals and intentions.

This crystal gridding class is for those who:

    • Have an interest in crystal energy
    • Wish to manifest your goals and dreams
    • Would like to connect to their higher consciousness, guides or
    • Use Reiki or Distance Reiki in your healing practice
    • but not limited to…..

Crystals + (Sacred)Geometry + Intention

The energy of Crystals and the structured geometry of all that is, already flows throughout all that exists.
When we add our intention to this flow of energy, we can create what we need. ~ Debi

In this class you will learn how to set your intention to vibrate and flow with specific crystals and specific grids.

  • How to set intention
  • How to choose crystals for specific intentions
  • How to choose grids that align with those crystals and intentions
  • How to program, activate and maintain your grids.

You will receive a grid cloth and bag of your choosing, along with crystals for a basic grid.


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Join us for an evening of enlightenment!
This class is a starting point for your journey. Understanding the power of Sacred Geometry + Crystals + Intention
In this class we will explore the what, why and how of crystal grids, choosing the grids and crystals for specific intentions and setting intention.