This year’s Summer Solstice Celebration & Meditation will be held at “The Haberdashery”, next door to Just the Essentials.

The Summer Solstice is a time to reflect on the growth of the season. Seeds planted in the Earth as well as are own seeds of our souls. A time of cleansing, renewal, joyous Love and growth.

The perfect evening to celebrate the summer solstice begins with a “release” meditation. Days or weeks before the meditation take time to quietly reflect and write down your intentions from a place of love and forgiveness of what you want to release from your life. Prior to the start of the meditation you will silently read your list, re-affirming what you are ready to let go of. At the end of the first meditation you will take your list and rip it up and place it into the fire to be burned with sacred white sage, the fire takes your intentions and turns them into smoke and sends them to the Universe. By sending the old unwanted conditions up to the Universe in the smoke, you clear the way for new beginnings.


During the second part of the meditation you will have written a second list of what you want to bring into your life. (When you release intentions or energy it leaves an imprint in the universe) therefore it is very important to be very clear of what you want to replace the released energy with. This list will be burned &

released with Sweet grass, inviting the energy of new beginnings & blessings into your life. Be open to receive!


You will also be given seeds during the 2nd. Meditation to meditate on and to bring home with you and “plant” your wishes into the earth on the Summer Solstice Friday June 21st. be patient, be open to receive & flourish!


Janice Milligan from Just The Essentials will be guiding you on this double mediation and giving you an energy forecast for the month of June & how you can work with it. You will also receive a crystal to take home with you.


Cost 25.00 per person. A 10.00 non-refundable deposit is due to hold your place.